Rimjhim is a delight and a dynamo of creativity. She is thinking, thinking, thinking on how to convey a message, reach an intended audience, educate the public, build a consensus, and generally engage with the public and the policy debate. In a word, amazing.

– JEFFREY SACHS University Professor, Columbia University; Director, Center for Sustainable Development; Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary General


Rimjhim is, in a word, superlative. She has incredible creativity, contacts, and a unique ability to see the story that will resonate. On top of all that, her intelligence and knowledge of global public policy and economic issues means she “gets it” and goes to action with lightning speed. She is a joy to work with: smart, energetic, clear and firm, and enthusiastic. During a recent project, I would have been lost and adrift without her expertise and firm hand on the tiller. She is my absolute go-to for any and all PR needs.

– MICHAEL SPENCE Nobel Laureate in Economics, former Dean of Stanford Business School

We hired DEY. to help us strategically and effectively announce Harvard Business School’s Gender Initiative—we wanted to ensure that our newest research reached a broad, informed audience and to kick off an ongoing conversation about gender and work that shifted attention away from tired stereotypes. Rimjhim immediately understood that we were looking for substance over splash and shaped her approach to serve our priorities—nothing about the process was “cookie-cutter.” As a result, we received not only a great deal of coverage, in top outlets, across print, radio, and television, but found the coverage to be uniformly thoughtful and overwhelmingly positive. Rimjhim excelled at identifying the research that would pique media interest and tailoring each pitch to capture the right person’s attention, while managing to stay true to our core messages, which were quite nuanced. The visibility that our work with DEY. created has raised the Initiative’s profile as a leader in the domain of gender and diversity. She and her excellent team were tireless in their efforts to get our work in front as many audiences as possible and adept at working one-on-one with multiple members of our team. And their persistent enthusiasm buoyed our own commitment to the launch.

– ROBIN ELY Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Culture and Community, Harvard Business School

It was a delight to work with Rimjhim and with the entire DEY. team. Their professionalism, their boundless energy and their wide network of connections were vital for success.

– YUVAL NOAH HARARI Best-selling author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind and Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow.

Rimjhim Dey has a formidable arsenal of gifts—she’s imaginative, deeply well-informed, almost hilariously charming, and, not least, intellectually tough-minded.  She manages to be relentlessly persistent while preserving her credibility with her world of important contacts, who know that she can be relied upon to discern the real value in a client’s work and to translate that into messages that are compelling for the media, and ultimately for a broad public.

– SCOTT MOYERS Publisher, Penguin Press

Rimjhim Dey is an extremely effective PR professional. She has tremendous drive and creativity, and excellent contacts. She works remorselessly to generate interest in a story, and then never lets go—qualities that are invaluable given the intense competition that exists for the media's attention. She has a good understanding of economics and public policy, both in America and globally, which is a huge asset in getting the message across. I initially hired her for a couple of months. Nearly a year later we are still working together - which I guess says it all!

– MATTHEW BISHOP Globalization Editor, The Economist

Rimjhim Dey offers thoughtful and creative advice on communications strategy and messaging. She has an uncanny ability to translate an idea into a news hook for communication. Every conversation with her is fresh and thought-provoking. I recommend her enthusiastically.

– GLENN HUBBARD Dean, Columbia Business School, Former Chairman, 
White House Council of Economic Advisors under George W. Bush

Rick Horgan .png

We live in an era of diminished personal contact between publicists and the ‘guardians of good press’—those who control what gets covered, reviewed, chatted about. Blame it on email, and the average flack’s lazy habit of relying on a quick ‘send’ at the expense of face-to-face contact. In that sense, Rimjhim is a welcome throwback, luring gatekeepers into a close personal relationship with a mix of social invitations and ‘meet ‘em on their level’ intellectual engagement. She has brunch, cocktails, and dinner with the people in the media sphere who matter, and, consequently, is far more attuned to what will incite their interest. She is less a publicist and brander than the organizer of a 24x7 salon. Also, I’ve found Rimjhim to be a truth-teller, declining to participate in imaginary thinking when straight talk is warranted. I would recommend her to anyone with a rich, up-market message who wants to break through in an increasingly down-market world. 

– RICK HORGAN V.P. and Executive Editor, Scribner (an imprint of Simon & Schuster)

As someone who receives a lot of book pitches at Fortune, I can say that Rimjhim stands out because she takes an individualized, customized approach, and she understands what makes a good story. Her firm is more "issues" based, so she tends to pitch specific, tailored feature stories rather than general books coverage. She is thoughtful, savvy, and tireless — she does not give up. Rimjhim is someone with a different kind of approach and I can say from where I sit that she packs a punch.

– LEIGH GALLAGHER Asst. Managing Editor, Fortune Magazine

Rimjhim Dey is indefatigable in her efforts to find new venues — and new audiences — for her projects/clients. Rimjhim looks out for the long-term interests of her clients and that is exactly what you need on any kind of marketing/publicity campaign . . . and unfortunately, something you rarely get. And, she is lovely to work with to boot! I warmly recommend her.

– IAN BREMMER President, Eurasia Group, leading political risk consulting organization

As a journalist and an author, I can attest that Rimjhim is sharp, sophisticated and relentless. She and her team give valuable advice and will move mountains for their clients and authors.

– SHEELAH KOLHATKAR  Staff writer, The New Yorker

Rimjhim Dey and her team at DEY. are unique to say the least. DEY. brings a sharp focus on the marketing of complex, high-minded ideas and for this they have no equals. They cut through distractions, identify core issues and then get to work using their infinite energy, considerable intelligence and network of amazing contacts. For us that meant a series of well-placed Op-Eds, interviews, key meetings and the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. To top it all, they are fun to work with! I cannot recommend them enough.

– CORINNE WOODS Director, United Nations Millennium Campaign

A tireless and skilled navigator of the complex sea of messages, priorities, schedules, and personalities that constitute the world of media and communication, I cannot imagine a more powerful advocate than Rimjhim. She immediately understood what was important to me and what aspects of my ideas would resonate with the media. She focused on that critical intersection and did not relent until she delivered on her promise to turn 'ideas into influence.

– PETER BLAIR HENRY Dean, NYU Stern School of Business

Simply put, Rimjhim Dey is a power broker who has cultivated relationships with everyone who matters. She and her team at DEY. are fiercely passionate, unbelievably creative and insanely bright. No agency quite connects the dots and produces the result the way they do. And, while they are at it, they are having fun. And, you are too!
      It should come as no great surprise that DEY. has become one of Rockefeller Foundation's favorite agencies, and we work with quite a few. They stand head and shoulders above the competition. If an influence strategy combined with masterful execution is what you are looking for, then look no further.

– SAADIA MADSBJERG Managing Director, The Rockefeller Foundation

Through her genuine interest and passion for excellence, Rimjhim transforms herself into your biggest advocate. She has the luxury of being selective about her clients and that means that when she champions you, people take notice. By blending her innate curiosity, powerful people skills, and tireless commitment, she has built a firm that is top in class. If I could give her six stars, I would.

– VIVIAN LEE MD, Verily, formerly CEO, University of Utah Health


I wrote a wonky financial book that, thanks to some lucky timing, stood a chance of reaching a mainstream audience. Rimjhim made sure it did. Through a mix of brainstorming and planning and cajoling and—her specialty—charming media gatekeepers even as she nagged them incessantly, Rimjhim engineered a spectacular launch that propelled the book onto bestseller lists and me onto the Daily Show, then kept at it so relentlessly as to generate a drumbeat of publicity that continued for many months after publication. I'd recommend Rimjhim highly to anyone.

– JUSTIN FOX Columnist, Bloomberg View, Former Editorial Director, Harvard Business Review

Rimjhim is fantastic. She is the kind of publicist you want in your corner. I've been tremendously impressed by her work with several authors – she is highly intelligent, creative, energetic, strategic, responsive, and always professional. A true champion of her clients – relentless in absolutely the best way possible, Rimjhim really delivers the goods. She has excellent contacts, carries through what she says she's going to do, collaborates with authors and their publishers, and gets the right people talking. Charming, engaged by the material in hand, ideally suited to the kind of books I care about, she is passionate and so adept. Frankly, she's how all publicists should be but astonishingly few are. She knocks it out of the park.

– ZÖE PAGNAMENTA Literary Agent, The Zöe Pagnamenta Agency

As intellectually engaged as she is entrepreneurially driven, Rimjhim Dey goes the extra yard in getting attention for the projects she publicizes. She adds real value, immediate and lasting, to her books by helping to make the publication of each book an event. As a result, the publishing outcome is all the better for publisher and author, alike.

– PETER DOUGHERTY Director, Princeton University Press

Rimjhim Dey may be the best publicist in the world: She’s whip smart and has the amazing ability to make people feel happy and important while she’s badgering them. I really don’t understand how she does it.

– DAVID LINDEN Professor of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University 

Rimjhim Dey is the most sophisticated outside publicist with whom I have had the pleasure to work. Her connections are extensive. Her finesse and creativity in developing media opportunities are unparalleled in my experience. Most importantly, she makes the entire team stronger. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her work.

– MYLES C. THOMPSON Publisher, Columbia Business School Publishing

I’m not sure how she gets her foot in so many doors, but in the course of marketing my book, I was repeatedly amazed by the range of people who opened their overloaded calendars to me courtesy of Rimjhim. Not only did Rimjhim get results, she was a wonderful coach, marketing mentor and friend. And she’s shameless about being shameless to the benefit of her clients.

– RAYMOND FISMAN Lambert Family Professor of Social Enterprise, Columbia Business School


Rimjhim Dey is the thinking person's publicist. She might also be the best connected publicist around. She and her impressive team is super-niche and only focused on the very high end of promoting sophisticated ideas. There is a direct connection between the media coverage DEY. generated for our business and a general lift in demand and ability to charge higher prices for our services.

– CHRISTIAN MADSBJERG Co-Founding Partner, ReD Associates

Hire Rimjhim Dey while you’re still working on the book title and outline. She knows more than you do about what your various audiences want, how to reach them, and especially how the media will view and interpret – or misinterpret – your work. Once your book is finished, she then kicks in with an astounding ability to position it to a remarkable variety of online, print, radio or TV journalists. And working with her is a great pleasure, never a chore.

– WILLIAM DUGGAN Senior Lecturer, Columbia Business School