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Ideas are transformative and drive change and new ways of thinking, yet they are not always heard in an increasingly complex and noisy world. At DEY., we understand our clients’ needs and develop a customized public relations strategy to articulate and promote their ideas as part of a broad communications strategy. We look beyond daily headlines and the fast moving news cycle to create deeper, more powerful impact and influence. We do this using the tools of media relations and storytelling technology.

Instead of short-term publicity and isolated events, DEY. crafts enduring and powerful campaigns that gain momentum over time. We connect our clients to journalists, editors and media stakeholders in print and online channels, broadcast outlets and social media that have global reach or influence in specific areas of interest and expertise.

DEY. clients appear in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, The Financial Times, and The Guardian, as well as relevant and substantive online media such as Quartz, Vox, Politico and ReCode. Our clients make frequent appearances on NPR, CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg, The Daily Show, and Charlie Rose to name a few.

Personal appearances let our clients to interact with a live audience at high profile venues including the Council on Foreign Relations, Google, the 92nd Street Y, the Harvard and Princeton Clubs, and other venues like Aspen Ideas Festival to deliver lectures and keynote speeches and participate in panel discussions and conferences.

We measure our success by the simple metric of meeting our clients’ goals; whether that means having an impact on policy, prompting debate and discussion, or stimulating public discourse on the critical issues and big ideas that will influence how we live today and in the future.